WOW Leveling / Fishing Bot : Classic & Vanilla Hacks

Earn mountains of gold coins and levels in record time. Download Hacks for World of Warcraft and use bots for WOW that will save you a lot of time collecting and fighting for you repeatedly. No need to spend hours farming !

WOW Fishing / Leveling Bot: Classic & Vanilla Hacks - Undetected Cheats

Hacks are really safe and undetected

They use multiple unique methods to bypass the various anti-cheat systems. Like Polymorphic and Encrypted source code, and many other methods to discover.

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How to Hack in Wow ?

Discover our Hacks (with Fishing and Leveling Bot) for World of Warcraft and gain Experience and Coins without needing to spend time on WOW.

All it’s possible with our cheat for World of Warcraft, it works on official servers as well as on private servers without any difficulty. The Cheat works perfectly on the latest version of WOW to date and it also works on the classic version (WOW Classic).

We are going to present you the hack for WOW with its bot which will allow you to become the best farmer on your servers and all this in a very short time. The Cheat for World of Warcraft is undetected and it will remain so, we’ll explain why a little further down.

World of Warcraft Cheat sends sockets and simulates human movements (same function for the leveling and fishing bot), it can never be detected by the anti-cheat present in the game, because normal bots are simple scripts that don’t send any requests, so they are detected and considered cheating.

The World of Warcraft Cheat download link is located at the bottom of the page. Don’t forget to take a look at our recently updated cheat for Valorant.

How to Hack gold in wow ?

To Hack gold in Wow, you need to use the main feature of World of Warcraft Cheat, is its BOT, it will perform automated tasks without you needing to do anything and on top of that, you will be able to launch multiple instances of the game, to evolve multiple characters (up to 12 instances of the game). To learn more about BOT’s, here is a short explanation: Computer bot.

World of Warcraft Gold BOT

Bot Auto farmer : The Bot Auto farmer mode of World of Warcraft Cheat, takes care of all your chosen professions in the game, Alchemist, Blacksmith, Tailor… All the main professions are taken into account, as well as harvesting and secondary professions. There are a multitude of options to choose from in the hack, it’s up to you to configure it ! You can recolt Gold without any difficult too, just run the bot and watch your wallet fill up with gold coins quickly. The leveling and fishing bot are the best to earn lot of gold !

Auto-Fight : The Auto-Fight mode is similar to the Bot XP mode, except that it is used while being in front of your computer, it can chain the fights you select, including PVP fights in case of aggression.

ESP Wallhack : The cheat for WOW is also equipped with an ESP wallhack, which will show you which players and monsters are nearby, configurable according to your wishes, choose the distance that suits you, the level of the monsters and players can also be displayed.

Win gold coins and levels very quickly on WOW with the Fishing and Leveling Bot

Bot leveling XP : Activate the bot xp mode for WOW and your character will kill all the enemies in his path, you can launch for example 4 times the game, on the same server or on different servers, your character will make a random course or a course that you will have configured yourself and it will chain the fights against the monsters, the Hack also contains a leveling and fishing bot.

The Bot XP mode, lets you choose to let your character(s) rest to regain your life between each battle, you can also configure it to use items to regain your health much faster and to chain the monsters.

WOW Farmer BOT

You can select the “Loot” option, so that the bot for WOW, recover the loot left by the dead monsters, once your characters have their inventories full, you can activate the “Auto-sell” function, your characters will then, sell everything in the inventory, to the merchant closest to his position. So it’s a good asset, to gain a lot of experience and to make your characters evolve, the gold gains in the game can be very interesting too.

Become the best player on WOW now with our hacks. Harvest faster than other players and most importantly, take levels faster than them. And it’s all thanks to the BOTS !

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