What is a Wallhack and how does it work ?

Discover one of the best tools for cheating in your online video games. We explain what a Wallhack is and how it works with the majority of the functions offered. Display a lot of information about your enemies and even your allies with ESP.

What is a Wallhack ?

The Wallhack is the best cheat tool you can have for all your online games. The main feature of Wallhack allows you to be able to follow all your enemies and also your allies through the walls at any distance from you.

You can also be at the other end of the map and know their positions in advance. This will give you a considerable advantage over your opponents and you will easily dominate all games.

Follow and anticipate all your enemies movements, even through other obstacles blocking your field of vision. This allows you to anticipate your shots or any other attacks long before they do.

Wallhack also displays the health, exact distance and main weapon of enemy players. But that’s not all, you also have the option to display the best items and weapons around and much more.

What is a Wallhack

View enemies and allies locations

Kill your enemies before they do

Find the best equipment quickly

Be the best player with the best score

The Wallhack allows you to cheat to win your online games very easily. These different options are configurable to give you an optimal cheating experience. With the Wallhack you can now dominate all your opponents right away and all this without any risk of penalty or ban.

How does a Wallhack work ?

To run a Wallhack and cheat with it on your games is really very simple. Just follow the instructions given with it, it only takes a few seconds with Mastercheat hacks. In addition, they are undetected and you don’t risk getting banned. Choose a trusted site for cheating and not vulgar scam sites.

Download the Hacks

Choose the games you want to cheat on with Mastercheat. Then download them directly and without any download limits.

Choose the Cheat options

Select the cheat options you want to use to cheat. There are many options that are undetected. Use them and customize them as you wish.

Play and become the best player

Play and cheat without limits on all your video games. Become very easily the best player in all your games. No opponent will be able to stop you.

Discover our Wallhacks and Cheat safely on your games

ESP features will lead you to victory in every game

ESP (Extra Sensory Perception)

The Wallhack ESP allows you to display a lot of details. As explained, all enemy and allied players, the exact distance they are from you. But also their health points, levels and names.

With the Box ESP feature, you have the possibility to add a box around them in order to better spot them. The Line ESP will show you too the best way to reach your enemies.


How does a Wallhack work

The features of the Wallhack ESP are the most accurate that can exist. Because no detail escapes it. You can choose the distance at which you want to display the information. Get all the information before all the other players. Be the first to be the best equipped and the first to kill them all.

Ready to get ahead of all your opponents ?

Choose your game and track your opponents without any difficulty