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LOL Hack – Fully Undetected Cheat – Map Hack / Bots / FOV and others

LOL Hack - Fully Undetected - Map Hack / Bot / FOV and others...

With LOL Hack, see your enemies across the map, fight them automatically, dominate them very easily, use the FOV Hack ! Cheat on League of Legends !

LOL Hack :

With LOL Hack, you will see your enemies across the map, you will can fight them automatically, dominate them very easily,

you will also be able to use the FOV Hack and many others functions in this cheat !

This Cheat for League of Legends is undetected and we will explain why at the bottom of the page, here is the description / screenshots and features !

The download link for Cheat for LOL is at the bottom of the page.

Features of LOL Hack :

Map Hack : See your enemies all over the map, with the Map hack mode, you will have an advance on your enemies to anticipate all their movements!

FOG Remover : This feature removes the black fog around your character in order to see enemies far away!

Chase Mode : A mode that will automatically play your character, with the objective of hunting and killing enemies one by one, the Chase Mode of LOL Hack, will use the best spells in the best order, if your character has no health left at the end of the fight,

he will return alone to the starting point to regenerate his life and mana, this mode is very useful for example if you are fighting against one or two players (or three players).

Defense mode : The opposite of Chase mode, with this mode your character will stay next to the allied turrets for the defences, coupled with the Auto-Smite mode of the hack and the Minions mode, it makes a good combo!

Anti-AFK Mode : Need to be away for a while?

Activate the Anti-Afk mode and your character will stay at the starting point by moving like a human.

Scope Max : If this mode is enabled, circles with different colors that correspond to a spell will appear around your player, to indicate the maximum range of your spells to hit enemies more easily.

Ennemy Stats : Display on the location of your choice, information about the opponents, their health points, mana / rage / or other, as well as the distance they are at.

Turret Range : This Cheat option will show you the range of enemy turrets in order to stay out of the turret area.

Auto Smite : A mini script that will automatically use your Smite if you play Jungler on Monsters or Sbires.

Smite Target : Set the Smite Target mode to a monster or entity, once configured when you fight this monster the Smite will be launched automatically.

Low-HP Ennemy Show : Show which enemies have the fewest health points!

Auto-Miss : This mode will automatically indicate to your allies, when an enemy disappears from your lane!

FOV Hack : You can scroll endlessly to widen your field of vision, you will be able to become more precise.

Minions Mode : Automatically kill henchmen on a lane.

Minions Last Hit : Automatically kill henchmen with few lives by fighting the last hit

Auto-Potion : Take care of yourself automatically with this function and your potion.

Heal under HP% : Choose how many percent of your character’s life will be saved and returned to the spawn.

Show Summoners Cooldown : Display on your screen, the time it takes for your opponents to reappear!

Text Spammer : Automatically send messages to your team or opponents in the /All channel.

Configurable menu : The Cheat menu is 100% configurable according to your tastes and needs.

Other features are included in the Cheat, it’s up to you to discover them!

The download link for the Cheat is at the bottom of the page.

Screenshot of LOL Hack :

LOL Hack - Fully Undetected - Map Hack / Bots / FOV and others...

LOL Hack – Max Scope Spells and Players Distance Hack.

LOL Hack - Fully Undetected - Map Hack / Bots / FOV and others...

The Cheat for League of Legends in action !

Why this Cheat for LOL is not detected ?

As explained on our other Cheats, LOL Hack will not modify the files of your game, it will not inject anything into the League of Legends process, it only monitors the LOL process to get information, so it works externally.

Definition of DLL injection

Our Cheat is Polymorphic, each copy is unique, because at each launch, it randomizes its source code, so it changes signature, same thing for the assembly and MD5 signature of the Cheat, at each start, a new copy of the Cheat is created.

With this method, no Anti-Cheat will be able to detect LOL Hack, because they will never be able to find the Cheat’s signature to add it to their database and since the cheat does not modify your game or its files, they will not detect any changes.

All these methods guarantee a Cheat: UNDETECTED !

Download the Cheat

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  1. Cromwel666 says:

    how to activate the cheat please ?

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    i just will say BIG THANKS !!!!!!

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    this cheat work’s thx

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    I confirm it’s undetected. Thank you.

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    undetected ty

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    the autofights mode are just great

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    The first hack that really allows you to reveal enemies, thank you!

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    use this hack with MF = the best combo 😀

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    a real good cheat for league of legends 😉

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    i always take a AP champion with your hack is just beautiful to see the hack playing alone

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    A will make a video with him for my channel on Youtube, i will quote your website team 😉

  14. VillyBailey says:

    very useful in aram xD

  15. Lamadeus says:

    i tested with bots before going to ranked games, my friend don’t know i use this hack, i’m really better now 😉

  16. Madjonat says:

    ziggs with the auto fight are just very funny too

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    I come back to the page to thank you for your hack it works very well since I use it!

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    lol ! good job for this hack the first hack for watch the ennemies trought the map ^^

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    amazgin thanks

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    amazing hack :O thanks

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