Hack for Traffic Rider

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Traffic rider Cheat / Hack

Today we will share our Cheat Traffic Rider ! The famous phone game! Money and unlimited coins are yours !

Cheat Traffic Rider

Looking for a cheat and hack or a mod for Traffic Rider ? So far you’ve only come across cheats and tricks that don’t work at all ? It’s over now !

Today we’re going to share our Cheat Traffic Rider ! The famous phone game! Money and unlimited coins are yours!

The game is available on the play store and on the apple store.

(Download link at the bottom of the page).

We have modified the application and compiled a MOD for Traffic Rider, just need to transfer the application to USB and install it on your phone and yes nothing simpler, what does it give in video and screenshot ?


Once the transfer and installation is launched, you just need to launch the game and buy what you think is perfect, everything is unlocked even the latest bikes 🙂

If you are annoyed and have trouble transferring the file,

do not hesitate to contact us!

We regularly update our cheating program at each game developer update, on the screenshot we made, we enjoyed it before of course 🙂

The Cheat Traffic Rider is very simple to install, you just have to connect your phone to your computer (mass storage device) and transfer the .apk file of the game modified by our team, so you will be able to launch the game installation and run it like the original game !

To you all the available bikes, tracks, paintings, customizations, currencies etc…

The support is there to help you in case of problems.

Is this hack undetected ?

Obviously no risk of banning since it is an application and there is no anti-cheating system 🙂

To download our Hack with our mod in .apk format (Application) it’s here click on the button :

Download the hack

  1. CaptainCompote says:

    Marche nickel jai tout de débloqué merci

  2. Alexdu69 says:

    On l’attendait celui-là , l’installation est simple et s’est très bien passée , j’ai lancé le jeu comme indiqué et cela à marché comme la vidéo , merci ça faisait un moment que je cherchais un cheat pour ce jeu.

  3. Razeup says:

    Thanks , work perfectly !

  4. KevinDark says:

    Merci encore plus riche que sur GTA mdr la toute derniere moto cest une tuerie lol 🙂

  5. Devial says:

    Good thx mate

  6. MasterYodax says:

    I’m rich now thanks !

  7. RacerZ says:

    this works !!!! thanks !!!!

  8. Pizzagate says:

    Thanks nice , i have lot of money now 🙂

  9. alexander.vasconceslos says:


  10. HumanonEarth says:

    Merci !!

  11. AbdulRellah says:

    Thanks work’s good

  12. Thomas59 says:

    marche tres bien merci

  13. Pilelgh says:

    noice xD

  14. Heinsenberg says:

    fonctionne toujours je m’amuse toujours autant xD

  15. MassiveFart says:

    work good

  16. CPUBOSS says:


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