Hack for SCUM

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SCUM Cheat / Hack

Kill your opponents with our Scum Cheat (Hack), thanks to the aimbot kill them with a single bullet in the head, find your items easily with the Wallhack.

SCUM Cheat

You need an undetected and totally private cheat for Scum ?

Our Hack for Scum will allow you to finish first in all your games !

Screenshots are available just below the cheat features !

The download link is at the bottom of the page !

What are the characteristics of Scum Cheat ?

Aimbot : Kill your enemies easily with one or more shots to the head, don’t give them a chance at any distance !

Silent Aimbot : Exactly the same function as the classic Aimbot, except that this one is automated and humanized, it will shoot in a human way in order to be much more discreet.

Wallhack : Seeing your enemies through walls, mountains, underwater, or any obstacle will give you a huge advantage! Get the edge on your enemies !

Wallhack ESP : Same function as the classic Wallhack in the form of a box (colored box), which will show you the life, distance, and equipment of the equipped enemy.

ITEM’s ESP : Works like a wallhack but for objects / items this time, find precious objects / weapons / items well before your enemies and no matter the distance !

Stamina Unlimited : No more worrying about your stamina, activate this feature and you’ll be able to run endlessly.

Other features are included in the Cheat such as the rapid fire that allows you to shoot automatically with normally semi-automatic weapons, discover them now !

Screenshots of the Hack for Scum

SCUM Cheat - Wallhack - Aimbot - UNDETECTED

Our Wallhack is very accurate !

Our Wallhack is very accurate!

Our Aimbot and the silent version too !

Our Wallhack is very accurate !

SCUM Cheat - Wallhack - Aimbot - UNDETECTED

Why is the Hack for Scum undetected ?

Polymorphic Code : Each copy of our cheat for Scum software is completely unique, so every user of cheat for Scum has one of its own!

Encrypted / Compressed code : Our hack’s programming code is well compiled and perfectly encrypted so that it cannot be decompiled and/or detected by an anticheat or malicious user!

Unique MD5 Hash : Each Scum Cheat file has a signature, that’s why we make each Scum Cheat .exe file signature unique in order to force the undetection process!

Random Assembly Generator : Once again we generate a different assembly (file description) in order to fool the AntiCheats that can scan running applications (Runtime Scan), by copying or assigning a new assembly we have a good way to avoid them once again!

EXTERNAL Cheat : Our Hack is used externally (HOT !), that is to say contrary to the other cheats that we can find, ours does not inject any file / DLL in the Scum process !

All this leads to a final result which is this one : UNDETECTED !

Download the hack

  1. DeepBullet says:

    the first cheat for scum ! thanks it’s amazing to use your cheat on this game 😀

  2. Alexandre.courtois says:

    merci pour ce cheat l’aimbot est super

  3. IntelliHead says:

    i agree its a nice cheat thxxxxxx

  4. Dominator says:

    il est indétecté ?

    • Mastercheat says:

      Bonjour, oui indétecté et privé 🙂

  5. Gloves666 says:


  6. Keyzera says:

    very good cheat ty

  7. Loic78 says:

    parfait cheat indétecté et super merci !!!

  8. ScumFan says:

    stable cheat, ready to use, and amazing

  9. Xash says:


  10. Scum fan says:

    i see all players now thanks

  11. boudha says:

    c’est bien fais 😮

  12. Ayoume72 says:

    merci super marche parfaitement

  13. Fernandez says:

    merci nickel

  14. budile says:

    Comment on l’active ?

    • Mastercheat says:

      Bonjour, tout sera indiqué dès le premier lancement, cordialement.

  15. Petr BUrdler says:

    THanks a lot

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