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Rust Cheat / Hack

Tired of getting killed when you show up with nothing, no guns on the game ? Discover our hack Rust Cheat , updated to the latest versions of the game !

Rust Cheat :

Discover our Rust Cheat , updated to the latest versions of the game !

Tired of being killed when you arrive without anything, without weapons on the game ?

Our Hack is then made for you, become the best now !

The download link is located at the bottom of the page.

The features of the Hack for Rust?

Invincibility : (Invincibility, even at fall damage).

Spawners Items : (You can make any desired item appear).

Car Spawners : (And yes, there are vehicles in Rust, but these are not integrated into the game at the moment).

Wallhack : (See your enemies or friends from a distance and through anything solid).

Aimbot : Kill your opponents with only one bullet !

Airdrop unlimited : (Have fun with infinite airdrop).

Some screenshots of our Cheat for Rust :

Cheat RUST

Hack Rust

Our cheat program works perfectly on the latest versions, whether it is the Legacy version (Old version) or the Experimental version (Latest version) and the latest versions to come.

Very easy to use and undetected by all anti-cheats !

It is simply undetected thanks to its method of use, the cheat is not injected into the Rust process (Rust.exe), therefore no detection is possible on the anti-cheat side since it does not modify the game files in any way, result our Rust Cheat is : UNDETECTED !

All instructions are provided with our hack, a multitude of cheating options are available, the Wallhack will allow you to see your enemies coming from far away, the ITEM ESP function will allow you to see items and weapons in the vicinity, the Item Spawner is used to make items or items appear on any server !

Now become the best player on the server by getting a head start !

Get the airdrops, best weapons and equipment first !

Surprise your opponents by getting ahead of them, see through their houses and wait for the right moment to attack them !

Download the hack

  1. OhnightZ says:

    Merci marche bien , spawn des tas d’armes devant un admin : FAIT x)

  2. Winny69 says:

    Nickel merci 🙂

  3. Patul555 says:

    Amazing 😀

  4. KaWixcat says:

    Nice cheat thanks !

  5. Wallki says:

    Good cheat undetected , now i can spawn items , nice to see players rage lol 😀

  6. RoboFlop says:

    Nice thanks

  7. says:

    Super !

  8. Dolane says:

    Plus besoin de se faire ch*er Ă  crafter 10 C4 ! <3

  9. FlasquePrayer says:

    Maison en blindé dÚs le début , exploser toutes les maisons au C4 , un jouissement merci !

  10. Gravihead says:

    Very good !

  11. Rustyz says:

    Amazing the spawner function !

  12. RustLover says:

    Nice cheat undetected

  13. Enplslesofa says:


  14. Omnicash says:

    Thx good cheat

  15. Kalimba says:

    wow thanks

  16. PoseyBro says:

    merci je fais rager tous le monde lol

  17. Yuzki says:

    amazing hack 😀

  18. Philips89 says:

    Nice cheat

  19. DKRZer says:

    parfait cool

  20. GalaticPlayer says:

    very good cheat

  21. CrayCow says:

    le meilleur cheat pour Rust !!!!! Le Wallhack nou permets de voir de tres loin merci

  22. Ayunn says:

    i recommend (y)

  23. Pozers says:

    wallhack in this game are terrible

  24. CaptainCheater says:


  25. Fallzzzze says:

    Pas mal

  26. Rustify says:

    Thanks !

  27. Bittrex says:

    merci pour se cheat

  28. Marco says:

    Fonctionne ?

    • Mastercheat says:

      Oui, il fonctionne et est indĂ©tectĂ© ! 🙂

      • gogo31 says:

        slt , petite question , quand j ai télécharger le cheat , j ai rien d autre a faire a pars lancer le jeux ? merci ;p

        • Mastercheat says:

          Bonjour, rien de compliquĂ©, tout est simplement expliquĂ© lors du premier dĂ©marrage ! cordialement 🙂

          • Flapjack85 says:

            Bonjour je n’ai toujours pas compris comment le faire fonctionner ? pouvez-vous m’aider ?

          • Mastercheat says:

            Bonjour, tout sera indiqué dÚs le premier lancement, cordialement !

          • Apogas says:

            Il Ă©crie

            Please click on the “Choose my Cheat” button to choose the Cheat you want to use, check the “Random MD5 Signature” and “Unique Strings” boxes to make your copy unique.

            Âpre avoir tĂ©lĂ©charger le fichier, il faux les extraires ou ?

          • Mastercheat says:

            Bonjour, au premier lancement tout sera indiquĂ© 🙂

  29. didi says:

    détecté ?

    • Mastercheat says:

      Il est indĂ©tectĂ© et ce, depuis sa crĂ©ation et il restera indĂ©tectĂ© 🙂

  30. boss69 says:


  31. Christophe Badoil says:

    Bonjour, pouvez-vous me contacter svp ? j’ai besoin d’aide

    • Mastercheat says:

      Bonjour, nous vous avons envoyé un mail, cordialement.

  32. Christophe Badoil says:

    bonjour j’ai besoin d’un coup de main svp

    • Mastercheat says:

      Bonjour, nous vous avons envoyé un mail pour vous aider, cordialement.

  33. aezzae says:

    clean !

  34. thefrox says:


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