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League of Legends Cheat / Hack

League of Legends Cheat is a Hack for LOL, get a real advantage over other players, information on all your enemies …

League of Legends Cheat :

League of Legends Cheat will lead your team to victory, get a real edge over other players, information on all your enemies, modes that will play in your place and much more !

It’s the first Hack for LOL (League of Legends) to include new features !

Check out the League of Legends Cheat features after the screenshots.

(The download link is at the bottom of the page).

Screenshots of the Hack for League of Legends :

Legends of Legends Cheat

Demonstration of the Max Scope Spells Hack and Player Distance.

League of Legends Cheat

A fully configurable part of the League of Legends Cheat menu.

League of Legends hack

With its FOV Hack in order to Un-Zoomer in addition.

Would you like to discover Cheat’s options for LOL ?

Remove FOG (Fog of War) : Remove the black fog around you so you can see the enemies from far away !

Chase Mode : A mode that will automatically play in your place, with the option to hunt enemies and eliminate them one by one, the League of Legends Cheat Chase mode will choose the best spells in a specific order, if your character has no more life at the end of the fight, he will automatically return to the spawn to regenerate, this mode is perfect for example if you launch the fight against one or two players (see three players).

Defend Mode : Unlike the other mode, this one stays close to your turrets in order to defend them, filled with the Auto-Smite mode of the cheat and the Minions mode, it makes a good combo !

Anti-AFK mode : You have to go away for a short while ?

Activate this mode and your Champion will stay in the Spawn moving like a human.

Max Scope: If this option is activated, circles of different colors assigned to a specific spell will appear around your character to show you the maximum range of your spells to reach enemies much more easily.

Ennemy Stats (statistics) : Display on the location of your choice, information about the enemies, their health, mana / rage / or other, as well as their distance.

Turret Range : This option of League of Legends Cheat will show you the maximum range of enemy turrets.

Auto Smite : A mini script that will automatically launch your Smite if you are Juggle on Monsters or Henchmen.

Smite Target : Set the Smite on a monster, once this is set up when you go to fight that monster it will launch itself.

Show Low-HP Ennemy : This feature will tell you which enemy has the least amount of life.

Auto-Qss (automatic miss) : Automatically indicates when an enemy disappears from your lane to other players !

Fov Hack : Will allow you to Un-Zoomer even more.

Minions Mode : This function will kill all the Henchmen on a specific throw.

Minions Last Hit : With this mode enabled, you will kill all the Henchmen with your last hit.

Auto-Potion : Heal yourself automatically using this feature and your potion.

Heal under HP% : Choose from how much life percentage your character will take to safety and return to the spawn.

Show Summoners Cooldown : Display directly on your screen, the reappearance delay of your enemies !

Text Spammer : Send mass messages to your team or in the /All channel.

Configurable Menu : The League of Legends menu will be 100% configurable according to your tastes and needs.

More features may be added to the League of Legends Cheat !

Why this Hack for League of Legends is undetected ?

Because Cheat simply doesn’t inject anything into the League of Legends process !

It only collects information by watching the LOL process without modifying it, no game files will be modified, no .DLL injection is done.

You don’t know what a DLL injection is ? Look on Wikipedia : What is an injection ?

Each time you launch Cheat, the Cheat changes signature and automatically modifies its source code because it is Polymorphic, which makes its detection impossible, same thing for the MD5, SHA signature.

For the rest of the interactions,League of Legends Cheat does not directly use the LOL process.

All this leads to a result which is: UNDETECTED !

Download the hack

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