The best Cheats and Hacks

Become the strongest player, with Mastercheat you are guaranteed to finish in the top places !


Our Cheats and Hacks are Fully Undetected, there is no risk of banning or sanctions on your video games


The source code is encrypted and protected, no users or Anticheats will be able to decompile or tamperize the cheats


They are updated very regularly, to add new features and so that they can work with the latest versions of your games

Why our Cheats and Hacks is Fully Undetected ?

No sanction or ban is possible using the third party cheating software we offer,
For example, they use the following unique bypass methods :


No injections are made into the process of your games, therefore no process violations or changes to the game files are made, everything happens externally.


Each time you launch your Cheat, it recompile itself completely automatically, so each user has a completely unique copy, so no signature can be added to an Anticheats database.


Each user has a unique copy of the Cheat, so the signature of the file and the HASH MD5 is different at each launch, no copy of the Cheats will be similar to other users.


The Cheats source code is encrypted and protected with two different encryption algorithms, so it is impossible for it to be decompiled or tamperized.

The easiest way to Cheat

This is the simplified and free version of our launcher, which will allow you to access our premium zone, different configurations are available, you can select for example the expert mode to access other available options.

For us, graphic simplicity rhymes with quality, we make sure that our users, use these creations without any difficulty, the very regular updates, add interesting content in our premium area.

Demonstration of our MasterMenu program

Why trust us ?

Why trust us ?

Because we are gamers just like you, we like to cheat on video games from time to time. But we have always been disappointed by the quality of the hacks on the internet.

While searching for cheats on the internet, you have surely come across websites asking you to pay regularly to use their cheating software that are detected and will ban your game accounts, now it’s over.

Thanks to our knowledge and determination you will no longer need to pay a subscription fee for this, we will find the best cheats for you on third party sites.  Many players as well as professional players trust us.
(we will not mention any names for confidentiality reasons).

No banned gambling accounts have been identified, cheats apply “strict” methods that allow them to remain undetected.  Our team has a certain amount of experience that can help you if you encounter a problem,
In this case, do not hesitate to contact us.

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