Hack for DOFUS

With our cheats, no risk of penalty, they are really undetected, find out why on our → Home Page
Dofus BOT Cheat / Hack

A Dofus Bot finally stable, to you the XP and Kamas at will, come and discover our Bot for Dofus! A good cheat for Dofus. Cheat and Hack for Dofus !

Our Bot for Dofus :

Looking for a cheat, hack or BOT for Dofus ?

Have you searched the Internet for a long time? But you’ve only come across Fakes asking you to Pay Starpass or Allopass, or even worse to pay a Subscription for a really unstable Bot that doesn’t really work…

All the other “Robots” software creators are ready to make you pay for their “creations” which are all bug-gued for the most part or extremely expensive!

We will present you a real method to earn millions of Kamas, you will also be able to XP your characters very very easily and all this for free.

We will present you a video and detailed screenshots!

A Bot Dofus finally stable, to you XP and Kamas at will, come and discover our cheating method for Dofus!

Works also on the 1.29 🙂 (Old version of the game well before 2.0) !

Our Bot Dofus is undetectable by the Anti-Bot measures present in the game!

The Download link is at the bottom of the page.

No more time spent working on his Kamas, no more wasted hours chaining monsters that give rare resources, now it can be automated, the pleasure of letting the Bot run so he can do it alone and find his account full of Kamas the same night, it’s the same system for Power-Leveling, with this system you don’t bother anymore to make your character evolve, the successes and challenges are managed by the Bot (as far as possible), but why our cheat is undetectable?

First our method, does not inject any .DLL file in the process of Dofus.

Why is this Bot for Dofus undetected ?

Simply because our hack simulates a real human presence (mouse movement and correct use of socket), unlike other RoBots that will ban your game accounts, here are the characteristics of the Bot and a full video, no two copies will look alike:

Dofus Cheat BOT Kamas and free xp


Full video presentation of the Hack :

Dofus Cheat BOT Kamas and free xp

Dofus Cheat BOT Kamas and free xp

Download the hack

  1. Alexdu59 says:

    Nickel au top ! 🙂

  2. Starkiller75 says:

    Merci , je fais XP mes persos au max ^^

  3. LorenzoRB says:

    Il marche bien contrairement au autre bot quon peut trouvé sur internet merci

  4. LorenzoRB says:

    Et au niveau des recoltes je me fais beaucoup de kamas

  5. HomasKapot says:

    Nice bot thx 😀

  6. Spryze says:

    Thanks ! Work on Oto Mustam 🙂

  7. SlimCeleb says:

    Je me suis fais masse de kamas en 3 jours (6 million) alor que je debute avec les bot !

  8. PozulaSouth says:

    Thanks nice bot

  9. FecaDofous says:

    Merci beaucoup !!!!! les autres bots c’est trop de la merde y’a que celui la qui est simple et bien !!!!!!!!!!

  10. AimBoite says:


  11. Xash says:

    Merci marche nickel fonctionne aussi sur les serveur héroïques ? 🙂

    • Nanane says:

      Bonjour , oui parfaitement , cordialement. 🙂

  12. Dolan says:

    Merci il est super !

  13. Enutrofe says:

    Very nice bot thanks !

  14. Origon says:

    Never seen a good bot like that thanks

  15. Enplslesofa says:

    Super merci !

  16. MagicFart says:

    Nice bot

  17. HighRiise says:

    un tres bon bot merci a lequipe

  18. Chacha says:

    enfin un bon bot merci a vous

  19. CristalRock says:

    Thanks good bot

  20. SadidaEnutrof says:

    merki !!

  21. CaoCao says:


  22. Maacchaf555 says:

    nice gui, nice bot and easy to use

  23. fAAyde says:

    good bot thx

  24. Sodakiss says:


  25. TristanRecher says:

    super cool merci ça tourne bien

  26. Moonluz says:

    ça c’est du Bot 😀

  27. Dylan59 says:

    merci il es excellent

  28. XxxChampion-oo says:

    merci !!!

  29. Yatodak says:

    Fonctionne-t-il sur serveur privé ?

  30. Tylerdu13 says:

    le meilleur merci bcp !

  31. pAto says:

    good bot with lot of functions thx!

  32. Staanou says:

    merci pour ce bon bot

  33. Eniripsale says:

    12 millions en une semaine qui dit mieux ? 😀

  34. Vins says:

    Il vos le coup encore ce logiciel ??? Et il était sur ?

    • Nanane says:

      Oui il marche et indétecté 🙂

  35. Dachus says:

    fonctionne toujours aussi bien depuis que je l’ai 🙂

  36. Dofus Kamas hack says:

    excellent quand on est à cours de kamas !!!!!

  37. Cheat Dofus says:

    le meilleur cheat pour dofus 😀

  38. Dwoppeur says:

    8 millions de kamas en 5 jours ^^

  39. Enulegend says:

    merci la team !

  40. Alexdu69 says:

    fonctionne toujours parfaitement depuis que je l’ai un remerciement énorme

  41. jjdisuih says:


  42. Batar says:

    excellent ^^

  43. Ruben Mbuyi says:

    est ce que c’est sur ?

    • Mastercheat says:

      Bonjour, oui c’est sûr et fonctionnel sans aucun soucis 🙂

  44. alain says:

    merci a vous les gens

  45. Swicks says:

    Swicks vous remercie pour ce BOT <3

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