Hack for Black OPS 4

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Black OPS 4 Cheat / Hack

Black OPS 4 Cheat is a Hack for BO4, which will allow you to win all your games. Spy on all your enemies through the walls and destroy them !

Black OPS 4 Cheat :

Black OPS 4 Cheat is a cheat software that will allow you to win all your games!

This Hack is constantly updated and will run on all Call of Duty BO4 servers.

(Download link at the bottom of the page).

Undetectable by Anti-Cheats, Silent and light.

Black OPS 4 Cheat - Wallhack / Aimbot - Undetected

Black OPS 4 Cheat

Features of the Hack for Call of duty Black OPS 4 ?

Wallhack : A great feature, which will allow you to see your enemies through walls, no matter what surface (concrete, obstacles…), with the possibility to adjust the distance of the Hack!

Aimbot : Who has never dreamt of killing enemies with a simple bullet in the head and automatically without doing anything?
Our Cheat does it for you!

It’s up to you to configure the Aimbot to suit your needs, activate the RAGE mode to automatically kill all players bullet by bullet!

Aimbot Silent : Same function as the traditional Aimbot, except that it mimics human movement if someone watches you play.

ESP Wallhack : A Wallhack that will display your enemies in the form of squares around them, with the ability, if you simply configure it, to display the player’s Distance, skeleton silhouette, life, weapons and ammunition.

Radarhack : A mischievous Radar that will also display the position of all your enemies on your map in real time!

Why this Hack for COD BO4 is undetected ?

Because we simply use our own methods in terms of undetection : each copy of Black OPS 4 Cheat is unique, so it has a source code that is unique to each user.

Black OPS 4 Cheat has a Polymorphism function, each time the Cheat starts, it changes its own file signature, Hash MD5, process name, source code variables!

Moreover our cheat for BO4 is not injected into the game process, so it won’t change your game and will be used externally!

You want to know what a DLL injection is : Learn more about injection.

Which is a result for this cheat: UNDETECTED !

Download the hack

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      Bonjour, tout est indiqué après votre premier lancement 🙂

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          Bonjour, tout est indiqué dès le premier lancement, cordialement.

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